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Sindy Sinn

Gone are the days of banging wooden spoons to saucepans.  Thanks to the head-bangers over at Babynoise, you can now treat your little Nightcrawler to a mini-me percussion instrument to inspire their inner Bonham.

Babynoise’s range of hand-crafted wooden drums, chimes, symbols, maracas (and more) are as stylish as they are loud.  Created in Perth Australia, they make a great gift for the Animal in every kid.  As a learning tool, they’ll let bub explore the world through sound and rhythm – inspiring them to explore their musical side at an early age. 

And when Mum and Dad are driven bonkers by the banging of a tiny handheld drum, the stylish instruments will layer beautifully as a décor piece in your nursery.

Visit the Babynoise shopify website here for more.