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Sindy Sinn

There's something magical about children's books. It's such an important and influencial part of growing up that no kid should be left without. One of our favourite books growing up was WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. A book written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak (1928 - 2012)... we're obsessed with his crazy, quirky and other-worldly artwork.

A story of only 338 words, it follows the main character Max who turns his bedroom into an imaginary jungle after being sent to bed without his dinner. Max becomes king of the Wild Things, playing and dancing with his new buddies... soon returning back to his room where he finds a nice hot dinner waiting for him.

 Written and drawn before 1963, all the amazing illustrations where done by hand. 

Written and drawn before 1963, all the amazing illustrations where done by hand. 


We also found and love a brand called Leg Avenue who make adorable little King Max costumes. So if your tiny monster is a fan of the story, he or she now has the perfect Halloween costume sorted.


Sindy Sinn

Gone are the days of banging wooden spoons to saucepans.  Thanks to the head-bangers over at Babynoise, you can now treat your little Nightcrawler to a mini-me percussion instrument to inspire their inner Bonham.

Babynoise’s range of hand-crafted wooden drums, chimes, symbols, maracas (and more) are as stylish as they are loud.  Created in Perth Australia, they make a great gift for the Animal in every kid.  As a learning tool, they’ll let bub explore the world through sound and rhythm – inspiring them to explore their musical side at an early age. 

And when Mum and Dad are driven bonkers by the banging of a tiny handheld drum, the stylish instruments will layer beautifully as a décor piece in your nursery.

Visit the Babynoise shopify website here for more.


Sindy Sinn

Good Night Stories For Rebellious Girls is a children's book by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo which features 100 bedtime stories about the lifetime of 100 extraordinary women. From Frida Kahlo to Serena Williams, each woman's life has also been beautifully illustrated by a female artist from around the world.

It all started from a successful Kickstarter campaign, with over 13000 supporters, the book is now available worldwide as a hardcover, ebook or audiobook. But we suggest getting out of the house and visiting your local bookstore to find one.

Bedtime doesn't have to be boring.


Sindy Sinn

Our 'TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN' baby-onesie is a crowd-favourite.
And it's based on one of our favourite Queen songs. 

Written by guitarist Brian May, it was released in 1976 on their A Day At The Races album. It smashed through the charts (to a highest of #13 in the UK charts) was subsequently played at every Queen concert since. It's also been covered by everyone from the Foo Fighters to Lemmy Kilmister.



Sindy Sinn

Hevisaurus are a Finnish heavy metal band, who's music is aimed at children. Their super-rad puffy dinosaur costumes are a weird hybrid of Barney The Dinosaur and metal bands Slipknot and GWAR. If your kids like their tunes hard and heavy, we suggest you go have a listen.

They describe themselves as "blood-thirsty warrior beasts that drink milk, eat cookies and stay in school". We've carefully filed them under Jurassic Metal